Bachelor degree in Civil Protection and Land Management

The Degree in Civil Protection and Land Management (LPCGT)) intends to develop a profile of highly competent professionals in the fields of civil protection and land management. The LPCGT aims to offer a unique opportunity for higher education in Portuguese Public Universities for professionals with a solid understanding of the concepts, strategies, tools and systemic vision inherent to the tasks developed in the fields of Civil Protection and risks, in the context of land management. The LPCGT is committed to the development of a student profile whose ability to solve problems, within their area of training and ability to make their own arguments will enable them to support the solutions that they propose and the judgments that they make. The main objectives are the training of students, senior executives, technicians, agents or operational staff, with the necessary knowledge and tools required to perform activities restricted or related to civil protection and land management.

1. General training in basic areas of geography and engineering and ability to produce systemic insight into the training area of the course;
2. To provide knowledge of the Civil Protection that allows an integrated view of the principles, agents and technologies of the specific area;
3. To conduc studies in various fields of civil protection and land management;
4. To prepare and implement field activities for analysis and evaluation of potentialities and constraints of the problem of risk, their nature and methodologies for their evaluation, and the history of the most iconic accidents in civil protection;
5. To learn of contents and techniques that allow the design of Civil Protection programs, measures, actions and projects, both in terms of studies and projects, or emergency plans;
6. To build the planning and management capacity in situations of crisis or emergency;
7. To use geographic information technologies and respective coordination with other capabilities.

Universidade do Minho
Campus de Azurém

3 years / 6 semesters

Prof. Dr. António Vieira

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National exams to one of the following options:
– (02) Biology and Geology
– (04) Economics
– (09) Geography & (17) Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences


The degree of Civil Protection and Land Management of the University of Minho qualifies its holders for professional careers within the public administration or in the private sector, in the area of Civil Protection and Land Management.
This course provides also the technical and scientific capacity to access the courses of the second cycle (Master).


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