Bachelor degree in Geography and Planning

The Bachelor Degree in Geography and Planning (LGP) aims to fulfill undergraduate programme’s objectives in the general framework of Social Sciences, providing a spatial and holistic approach to subjects with a territorial incidence; and, at the same time to constitute an introduction to geographic knowledge and techniques for pursuing a professional or scientific research path. Its general objectives are to convey knowledge and provide the necessary theoretical and methodological tools for students to understand and question the complex relations between human and biophysical systems, and to intervene effectively and responsibly in land use planning and management domains. LGP focus on skills development for duty performance within professional work settings in the context of regional and local development, urban planning, natural hazards prevention, requalification and rehabilitation of degraded areas, conservation and environmental education, among other fields of action.

Learning outcomes focus, on the one hand, on students acquiring a solid set of theoretical knowledge, and being acquainted with methods and techniques of various fields of Physical, and Human Geography, as well as of the scientific areas that complement the basic training in LGP. On the other hand, CU related to land planning and management aim at an integrated understanding of the theoretical and methodological body of reference, of the principles, strategies and measures, and of processes and actors involved, at the national and international contexts. These outcomes and the measurement of their degree of fulfillment translate into the strong practical component of each CU of the course, which consolidates competencies for spatial analysis based on a systemic approach to territorial dynamics. Additionally, illustration of the lectured subjects with case studies, and the organization of thematic field trips encourage a critical reflection on today’s spatial transformations

Teaching methodologies adopted in the Course´s CU develop skills to analyze and interpret the relationships between biophysical, socio-economic, cultural, political and administrative systems, which are reflected in the territory. Debates in class, texts commentary and recension, and written reports stimulate the capacities for analytical, synthetic and critical thinking about factors and processes that determine geographic dynamics. Case studies and practical exercises help to consolidate and apply theoretical knowledge; to systematically identify data, methods and techniques appropriate to the analysis of specific subjects; to reproduce situations similar to those within professional contexts; and to encourage problem-solving skills. Special emphasis is placed on GIS field, which support analysis and decision-making. Soft skills, such as teamwork, time management, ability to communicate in different media and to various audiences, are also improved.

Practical work within LGP allows students to develop research skills, namely: literature research and review; theme problematization and research question formulation; collection and treatment of primary and secondary data; (carto)graphic communication of results; and, scientific writing. Oral presentations also enable to acquire key skills for scientific knowledge communication/dissemination. Students participate with their work, developed within LGP, in scientific events promoted at the Department of Geography.

Universidade do Minho
Campus de Azurém

3 years / 6 semesters

Prof. Dr. João Sarmento

More information:
253 510 560

National exams to one of the following subjects:
(02) Biology and Geology
(04) Economy
(09) Geography


LGP focus on skills development for duty performance within professional work settings in the context of:
– land use planning (local and regional);
– urban planning;
– natural hazards prevention;
– requalification and rehabilitation of degraded areas;
– conservation and environmental education;
– regional and local development;
– among other fields of action.

Students with this degree also have the specific requirements to apply for the ‘Master of Teaching in Geography’.


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